The Styx Oarsmen

The Styx Oarsmen is one of the most popular taverns and inns within Waterdeep. It is located in the Dock Ward, which keeps many of the higher class, or those who feel they are higher class, from frequenting the establishment. The tavern never closes its door, and can be found packed to capacity at almost all times of the day. It is especially busy in the evenings when the sailors and dockworkers end their days labor and seek out entertainment.

The Styx Oarsmen is owned and operated by Davrry Soulaxe, a dwarf that is fairly well known throughout Waterdeep. Davrry made his fortune shortly after the Spellplague by organizing a band of his dwarven colleagues to protect caravans heading for troubled areas. Of course there were many troubled areas at this time, and caravans always wanted, and were willing to pay for, extra security. Davrry earned his coin, as several of his fellow dwarves never returned, and he himself was left with a deep scar running from his left eye to the right side of his chin.

Davrry took his wealth and purchased a worn out building in the Dock Ward of Waterdeep. That building soon became the Styx Oarsmen. Over the years the popularity of this tavern has grown, as has the tavern. The main floor is almost twice as big as what it originally was, and there was no second floor when the tavern first opened. This has now been formed into the shape of a ship, and has rooms that can be purchased for the night, or extended periods of time.

The Styx Oarsmen is well known as a source of information in Waterdeep. The sailors that frequent the tavern often bring new and interesting information about the world. Many adventurers also travel through the tavern, as it is often their first stop after a long journey on ship to Waterdeep.

The Styx Oarsmen

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