Chapter I Coming Together

Your small group has been pulled together by this mysterious “merchant” that has asked you to take care of one of his own house that has turned against them. Whatever your reasons for accepting this mission, you have set out towards Daggerford in search of this individual. You are unsure what you will face when and if you find him, but you assume it will be another mysterious individual who can probably hold his own in a fight.

You group has already tested itself on even this short journey. As a cave bear blocked the path and protected its’ territory, you were forced to fight. Whatever your feelings about destroying the creature, you were forced to do it in order to pass and continue your mission. Your second test matched steel and spell against metal as you discovered a small orc raiding party. This became your first true opportunity to test your skills as a group, using all your abilities to dispatch the orcs. Luckily, the orcs and the wagon they had obviously recently raided were holding some goods that might prove to be useful to you throughout your adventures.

As you approach Daggerford you take note of two guards standing on small towers on either side of the closed gate. They shout for you to identify yourself as you come to the gate. Once you do, they gate swings open and you are met on the other side by another guard. He explains that Daggerford’s gates are usually open, but rumors of recent attacks by orcs in the area has forced the town to close its gates and use the militia to protect the communities farmers as they tend their fields. The guard welcomes you to Daggerford, and points out the area of town where several taverns and inns are located.

As you move towards the taverns and inns you notice a lot of activity in town. The trading season is quickly coming to an end, and it appears that several caravans are in town, either leaving from or coming to Waterdeep, probably with their final load of the season. You easily locate an inn, The Dancing Elf, that has enough rooms for all of you, as well as a small stable where you can keep your horses and wagon while your in town. It is near midday, but the taverns and merchant areas of town appear to be bustling as food and drink flow freely.

Chapter I Coming Together

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