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The year is 1479 DR. The continent of Faerun is not the cosmopolitan grid of trade routes it was of old. The Spellplague of 1385 DR was an apocalyptic event. Disasters, rampaging monsters, and the rise of evil empires have changed the landscape. Many roads have fallen into disrepair, several ports are high and dry, and numerous once-vital cities are now empty shells or downed ruins. But to the bold, venturing into the darkness between points of light remains an exciting and rewarding enterprise.

You have found your way to Waterdeep through various means. Some of you have lived there for many years. Some are recent arrivals. No matter the case, there is no telling what adventures might be ahead of you within, and beyond, this great city.

Month: Uktar

Day: 09

Year: 1479 DR

Chapter I Coming Together


A Spellplagued Land

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